14 November 2006

Trip to 奥多摩 (Okutama, Japan) on 14 November 2006

Source and photos: http://horizons.free.fr/seikatsu/eng/memories/2006-11_jp-okutama.htm

Chain of mountains before dawn in 奥多摩 (Okutama) I relaxed and enjoyed 紅葉 (autumn colours) in 奥多摩 (Okutama, Japan) on 14 November 2006 with eight Japanese friends. We quietly walked to 武蔵御嶽神社 (Musashi-ontake shrine) then strolled near a lake surrounded by mountains, appreciating the warmth and the calmness of the area.

12 November 2006

Trip to 제주도 (Jeju island, South Korea) on 08-12 November 2006

Source and photos: http://horizons.free.fr/seikatsu/eng/memories/2006-11_kr-jeju.htm

Peter and me at the top of 한라산 (Hallasan) volcano I visited 제주도 (Jeju island, South Korea) for the first time on 08-12 November 2006 to attend the 2006 International Conference on Hybrid Information Technology (aka ICHIT2006), where I gave a talk. I had a great moment discussing while hiking 한라산 (Hallasan volcano) with Peter, one of the general chairs of the conference, though it was very cold. Besides, I had exceptional views from the plane during my flights between Japan and South Korea.