29 March 2007

Trip to 富士五湖 (Fuji five lakes, Japan) on 28-29 March 2007

Source and photos: http://horizons.free.fr/seikatsu/eng/memories/2007-03_jp-fujigoko.htm

Towards the south from 西湖 (Saiko lake), 富士山 (Mount Fuji) I visited 富士五湖 (Fuji five lakes, Japan) for the first time on 28-29 March 2007 to enjoy its great landscapes with 明日香 (Asuka). We first crawled into the icy 鳴沢氷穴 (Narusawa cave) and 富岳風穴 (Fugaku cave) then hiked the warm 青木ヶ原樹海 (Sea of Trees). Surprisingly, we spotted monkeys in mountains near 西湖 (lake Saiko); no photos of them: they stayed away and ran quickly. After a divine dinner at café M, we spent a lovely night at サニーデビレッジ (Sunnide village). In the morning, we walked around 河口湖 (lake Kawaguchi), and after lunch we visited 浅間神社 (Sengen shrine), which used to serve as a starting point for pilgrimages to 富士山 (Mount Fuji). The weather was extraordinary all along and we had great views of the mountain on the way.

18 March 2007

Hike in 鎌倉 (Kamakura, Japan) on 18 March 2007

Source and photos: http://horizons.free.fr/seikatsu/eng/memories/2007-03_jp-kamakura.htm

Statue of a 天狗 (tengu) at 建長寺 (Kenchoji temple) I hiked 天園ハイキングコース (Ten-en hiking course) in 鎌倉 (Kamakura, Japan) on 18 March 2007 with 明日香 (Asuka) to breath fresh air and admire statues of 天狗 (tengus). The weather was fine for our five kilometers across the forest, with clear views over 横浜 (Yokomaha) in the north-east and the sea in the south. We walked from 鎌倉 (Kamakura) station to 鶴岡八幡宮 (Tsurugaoka-hachimangu shrine) then checked several temples on the way to 瑞泉寺 (Zuisenji temple). There, we started the hike, which took us to 建長寺 (Kenchoji temple); its buildings and statues were great rewards after the physical effort.

11 March 2007

Walk in 桜木町 (Sakuragicho, Japan) on 11 March 2007

Source and photos: http://horizons.free.fr/seikatsu/eng/memories/2007-03_jp-yokohama.htm

ランドマークタワー (Landmark tower) in 桜木町 (Sakuragicho) I walked in 桜木町 (Sakuragicho, Japan), a popular area of 横浜 (Yokohama), on 11 March 2007 to enjoy the sunset and night scene. I discovered this place in 2002, during my first stay in Japan, and keep going there because I love its open spaces, relaxing atmosphere, and lovely-human-fauna.