27 November 2005

Trip to 鬼怒川 (Kinugawa, Japan) on 26-27 November 2005

Source and photos: http://horizons.free.fr/seikatsu/eng/memories/2005-11_jp-kinugawa.htm

Bright autumn leaves at 鬼怒川 (Kinugawa) I relaxed and enjoyed 紅葉 (autumn colours) at 鬼怒川 (Kinugawa, Japan) on 26-27 November 2005 with good friends: Alexander, Christian, Kathy, and 亮助 (Ryosuke). First, we visited the city and relaxed at a scenic 露天風呂 (outdoor spa). We then had a delicious and copious traditional dinner at 丸京旅館 (Marukyo ryokan). The following day, we spotted a rainbow at 虹見滝 (Rainbow waterfalls), and strolled at the nearby 龍王峡 (Ryuo gorge), admiring crimson and gold leaves.

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