22 February 2006

Trip to 那須 (Nasu, Japan) on 21-22 February 2006

Source and photos: http://horizons.free.fr/seikatsu/eng/memories/2006-02_jp-nasu.htm

Statues of 地蔵 (Jizo) at 那須 (Nasu) I visited 那須 (Nasu, Japan) for the first time on 21-22 February 2006 to relax in the mountains with めぐみ (Megumi). The omnipresent snow created a special atmosphere, both calming and providing a feeling of remote exploration. I was very surprised and moved by an endless field of statues of 地蔵 (Jizo) because I had never seen such a thing and because these statues were each provided to pray for the death of a young child.

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