20 December 2008

Trip to 上海 (Shanghai, China) on 17-20 December 2008

Source and photos: http://horizons.free.fr/seikatsu/eng/memories/2008-12-19_cn-shanghai.htm

増琦 (Luna), I and 俊锋 (Jung-Feng) at 巴国布衣 (Ba Guo Bu Yi restaurant) I travelled to 上海 (Shanghai, China) for the first time on 17-20 December 2008 to give a talk there at the 5th International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing. Although busy, I enjoyed two evenings under the wings of 俊锋 (Jun-Feng) and 増琦 (Luna), two Chinese friends met during our studies in Japan, now working in the city.

上海 (Shanghai) seemed extremely different from the capital, and reminded me of Paris (France), London (United Kingdom) and Seattle (United States of America) though air-conditioners stood out. Modern buildings and infrastructures were well-lit at night, artistic, frequently unique, and full faces of some skyscrapers served as giant screens. I had a vast choice of Chinese food and eagerly tried a frog stew as well as stir-fried lily roots, appreciating both. Friday was most memorable, attending a show with my two friends while dining 四川菜 (Sichuan cuisine) at 巴国布衣上海长宁店 (Ba Guo Bu Yi restaurant, Shanghai Changning shop) then attending a live jazz performance at 布鲁斯与爵士之屋 (House of Blues & Jazz). Yet, the magic of the evening was dampened down by the omnipresence of mendicants, including young children.

The air of the city suited me better than that of the capital (see Post 28 July 2007) although much dust is noticeable, apparently due to transports and heavy constructions. The air quality sharply contrasts with what I am used to in 東京 (Tokyo, Japan) and 서울 (Seoul, South Korea), which stops short my thoughts about working in China. Tourists however can enjoy a few days and nights there, and I strongly recommend to reserve well-placed tables at 巴国布衣上海长宁店 (Ba Guo Bu Yi restaurant, Shanghai Changning shop) to see its show and at 布鲁斯与爵士之屋 (House of Blues & Jazz) after checking the schedule for special events.

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